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Friday, October 14, 2011

The field of insurance sees sisters doin’ it for themselves!

Long considered the realm of bespectacled men with pocket protectors and calculators, now the field of insurance sees sisters doin’ it for themselves!

New Bikini Travel Insurance www.bikinisure.com offers insurance cover designed by women for women ... developed specifically with the female traveller – and the way they travel and things they carry – in mind. Of course, Bikini Travel Insurance covers the things you would expect to see like medical and repatriation cover, cancellation and curtailment and coverage for partners and kids, but it’s the female-skewed specialist items and areas that can be added to this basic service that set this company apart:

• Special Travel Insurance: For all the things “blokesurance” won’t cover, Bikini offers additional cover for items important to the ladies, including their clothes, shoes, handbags, hair straighteners, jewellery and watches. Your Jimmy Choos will be safer than ever before!

• Crisis Response Service: If you found yourself in a destination that was declared unsafe would you want your own personal security detail to come to the rescue? One call to the Bikini Personal Security 24/7 rescue number and that is exactly what will happen. Whether you’ve lost your passport, had your personal security threatened or find yourself in an emergency cash situation as a result of being robbed, Bikini Travel Insurance have security experts on standby to resolve issues – from liaising with local authorities to making arrangements to get you to a place of safety.

• Wedding Packages: Peace of mind during the stress and joy of your wedding is exactly what a woman needs, so Bikini has created Hen Party and Bridelicious packages so that brides-to-be can have fun without the worry.

With the Hen Party package, there is cover for hen party costumes and cameras as well as Bikini-bought drinks for the policy holder if their flight is delayed. Brides get the Bridelicious package and benefit from substantial cover for wedding rings, wedding photos, gifts and wedding attire.

Bikini Travel Insurance offers flexible and tiered policies allowing people to choose the exact amount of cover.

As specialist travel insurers there is also the option of additional coverage for extreme sports, an extensive list of activities, as well as business cover.

When Bikini Travel Insurance launches, its special attention to the plight of the female traveller will be evident. Bikinisure.com Medical Underwriter, Charlotte Lee Field, who designed the policy, comments: “This has been a great opportunity to think hard about travel insurance policies from a female perspective and design-in feminine features that you just can't get elsewhere.”

From November 14th onwards, no woman will want to leave for her holidays without her Bikini (Travel Insurance)!

Web: www.bikinisure.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bikiniinsurance

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